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Region Sponsors

  • See any Board member for information on Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Dick's Sporting Goods
  • In and Out Burger

Team Sponsors

  • Groomingdales


Fall Soccer is Underway

Fall 2016 Season



Please check the schedules for times and fields

Playground and U5 Program

Next Playground and U5 Session will be Friday October 14th. at Rillito on Field 11 (Click for Map) This is a field outside of the horse track but on the far Southeast.

News update


Fundraising cards are still availble. See Ed or Belen if you need some

Our fundraiser sold more than 400 cards. We have Beats won by Parkerson and Isaac. Poisson Ivy and the U5s sold the most cards sold. Also Andres, Gavin, Nicole Izabela, Riley, Daniel, and Kai all sold more than 15 cards. Thank you all for your support. We will celebrate all soon.

Picture Day

Picture Make up day is November 12th. time is tentatively between 9am and noon. More information will be sent as the day gets closer.

AYSO 350 Newsletter October 10, 2016

The newsletter is availble in PDF form here

Matches Continue

LaMadera has been a great home and we will continue to enjoy the atmosphere there. LaMdera will also host our picture day. We will photograph every team and player. The schedule is posted for each team.

Board Meeting

Every second Monday, join us at Pima West Campus, 2202 W Anklam Rd. We meet in E102 to discuss region issues. We would love your input!

Social Media

Visit us on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. We share great experi-ences, update you on region and AYSO information, and enjoy soccer media. Sched-ules are live on ayso350.org. Our website continues to highlight the region and what’s to come

AYSO Philosophies

One of our philosophies is player development. Our goal is to provide a fun family envirornment with the emphasis on players enjoyment of the game and increasing their skills through instruction and player engagement. Every coach has a mission to increase your child's understanding and skills.

Special Points of Interest

  • Continue to park in designated areas
  • Support our policy on no pets on teh field
  • Support our policy on no smoking including e-cigarettes
  • Continue to keep our areas clean
  • Gold Cards are Still available
  • Pets on the Field

    Remember to Leave Your Furry Friends At Home

    Pets are a special part of everyone's family! There are plenty of people, though, who are either allergic to or scared of animals. Even the best-behaved pets can become frightened and react to people and things around them; for those reasons, many AYSO fields across the country don't allow pets. Animals and their leashes can become tripping hazards to people along the sidelines in addition to being at risk of injury themselves.


    Challenge FC Competitive Tryouts

     For those players wanting to participate in the program this year they MUST attend a tryout. Tryouts are Free..  Please sign up on  the website www.azchallengefc.org click on the Tryouts link and choose Tucson

    There are spaces available on some Challenge FC teams contact Ed if you are interested commissioner@ayso350.org